Fire Safety



Is your family home properly equipped? Fire safety is easy to practice!

With the cold snap here for the long run I can’t help but notice there has been lots of fires in the local news.  On January 8th 2014 Ottawa Fire Officials issued a warning after 5 kitchen fires in 2 days.


Fire safety is so important! Have working smoke detectors in your home, did you know that 1/3 of detectors are non-functioning? It’s as easy as changing the battery and worst case scenario you’ll need to buy a new unit if it’s faulty. Seriously, go check your smoke detectors today. Hardwired units are the best because when one goes off they all do (unless you are burning something in the kitchen).


This CBC article goes through all the motions and gives some scary facts and statistics on fatal fires in Canada:


The other alarming fact that I’ve been reading about is exactly how fast “new homes” are actually burning. A modern house fire can get uncontrollable in 3 minutes.


Please keep your family safe by diligently checking smoke detectors and installing carbon monoxide detectors if you heat with gas or have a fireplace. Have a fire extinguisher in your home (kitchen) and garage. You can find some great fire safety resources at the City of Ottawa’s site:


Have an exit plan and practice it with your family.  Be prepared and safe!